25. Fly tying station from oak

Date: 2.2.2024


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Fly tying station from  european oak (Quercus robur) , hand made.

 Fly Tying station to organize fly tying process, placement of materials and tooling.

25. Fly tying station from oak

There are various diameter holes prepared for storing bobbins, needles, finisher etc. and four drawers for storing materials or other equipment.
Threaded spools and wires can be placed on prepared pins.

25. Fly tying station from oak

The vice is positioned on the left side and fits into the hole with the locking screw.
Designed for a vise with a 10mm diameter base shank. For vices with thicker shank, larger diameter need to be drilled. Smaller diameters can be clamped.

25. Fly tying station from oak

Station is equipped by “bowl” recesses for organize of materials at work.
It is a organizer for sorting and placement of materials when tying.

The main benefit in using the station is a clear arrangement of tying accesories and the possibility of unfinished work quite simply transfer to another location if needed.

25. Fly tying station from oak

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Project details:

  • Material

Walnut (Juglans regia)

  • Method

machine, handmade woodworking, glued and joined with no metal usage

  • Tool used

planner,gavel, chisels, saw, plane, strap etc.

  • Surface finish

hard wax oil

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