Wood is an amazing material that has fascinated me since I was young. I love trees and their wood. This material has been associated with man since time immemorial, and its popularity is not declining even in today’s over-technological and plastic times. Wood has many properties that other materials do not have. It is colorful, smells, has its own unique drawing and shape.



Carving is my most favorite woodworking method. I am one of those people who prefer carving with traditional hand tools like an axe, a chisel, a mallet and of course a knife. I try to process all my work manually only with these tools. Of course, this is an emotional opinion, but products made by hand/human force have a “higher” value for me.



I prefer to do joinery mainly with hand tools such as a classic planer, a swallow planer and hand saws. A certain challenge is to connect wood parts with various dovetail and butterfly joints. A well-sharpened scraper seems to be the best tool for creating a smooth surface.

Surface finish

Surface finish

I paint on some woodcarving motives. I prefer to apply the painting only to the main motive and I let surrounding texture or just the color of the wood stand out around this. If I feel the need or the wood is “dull”, I tint the surroundings or the whole carving using stains. I like to finish wood carvings with beeswax and various oils. When  oils are used, the wood surface remains natural and pleasant to the touch.

  • Solid wood

  • Handmade

  • Inspired by nature

  • Original products


Libor(Last Cowboy)
I am a carver from the Czech Republic with an interest in nature. I work exclusively with solid wood, where I use the drawing of tree rings and naturally occurring cracks.
I like to study the anatomy of animals and the composition of plants, which I then apply when shaping wood carvings.

Working with wood by hand is very fulfilling for me and helps me express my creativity.
I draw inspiration from nature itself and my work is influenced by a positive relationship with fishing, hunting and ornithology.

With respect for wood, handwork and nature, I offer a presentation of my original products.

Latest work

  • Srdce z ořešáku

27. Walnut heart

Carved Coffee beans imitation from walnut (Juglans regia) , hand carved.

  • Stanice na vázání mušek

25. Fly tying station from oak

Fly tying station from  european oak (Quercus robur) , hand made.  Fly Tying station to organize fly tying process, placement of materials and tooling.

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